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Gameplay Packages

Each package is different in only the amount of paintballs that you have pre-paid for, and those paintballs go quick when you’re having fun! Don’t worry if you don’t buy enough paint, as you can always purchase more on the day on the field, and at reception.

Sessions start at 9am and afternoon sessions begin at 1pm.

  • Deposit Only
    • Can’t decide? Secure your Rental Gear and a session before you decide on a package on the day.
    • No paintballs are included and must be purchased before you can play.
  • Starter Package – 200 Paintballs
    • Get 200 Paintballs + Gear Hire
    • 200 Paintballs can last you the whole session or they can last you 5 minutes. If you’re not sure how much you’ll enjoy paintball then this package will give you a go and you can always get more paint if you fall in love with the sport on the day!
  • Intermediate Package – 600 Paintballs!
    • Get 600 Paintballs + Gear Hire
    • 200 Paintballs should get you through your day if you don’t shoot like a maniac, but where is the fun in that? Grab 400 extra paintballs and lose the anxiety of running out of paint whilst you’re sneaking up behind the other team!
  • Pro Package – 800 Paintballs!
    • Snag yourself 800 Paintballs + Gear Hire
    • If you think yourself the reincarnation of Rambo, or Demolition Man, spring for all the paint you can carry and make the other team get to the ‘choppa with all the paint you can send downrange!


Deposit Only (Deducted from package selection on the day)$20 Per Player
Standard Package – 200 Paintballs$50 Per Player
Arnold’s Package – 400 Paintballs$85 Per Player
Ultimate Package – 600 Paintballs$120 Per Player
Extreme Package – 800 Paintballs$155 Per Player
Prepaid groups require 10 or more players, For smaller groups call (03) 9777 0613 for more info.

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