New Paintball Markers

Call for Pricing.     DYE...   Tippmann ...  Planet Eclipce

LV1 $1560M2    $2450Dye Dam $2400

 Dye Dam comes with out the magazine.                  picture is for illustration purposes

Used Paintball Markers

Dye Dam Dark earth like new $1400 with case, stock and spares

Rotor $120,    Box rotor avalable $180


Used Tippmann Paintball Markers from $40 Marker Only..


To perchase a paintball Marker in Victoria you must have a Paintball Marker Licence which has the same requirements as a A&B firearms licence but is a P licence so it is a seperate Licence.

To purchase a marker you must have a Marker Licence and then you must apply for a Permit to aquire (PTA) which we can do for you online. ($10 per PTA)