Everyone can choose and pay for their own individual package on the day.
You don't have to all get the same package.

A full-day session starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm.

A deposit of $20 per person is required a minimum of 5 days before play.

or call for availability....   Bookings 9777 0613

FREE barbeque lunch included for deposited players!

Hamburgers, sausages and salad - eat as much as you like!!  

Diehard Package   $120 Per Person        600   Paintballs
Rambo Package   $150 Per person        900   Paintballs
The Extreme Package   $180 per Person       1200  Paintballs
Terminator Package   $220 Per Person       1500  Paintballs

paintball player in overalls with all gear

All packages include:

paintball gear on an australia flag

  • Paintball goggles.
  • Overalls.
  • Tippmann 98 Custom semi-auto paintball marker.
  • Pod harness & pods.
  • Unlimited gas.
  • Field fee.
  • Referee.

Groin protection and gloves are available for purchase on the day. While neither are required, they are recommended.EFTPOS is available

  • Cockatoo is a CASH ONLY field.
  • EFTPOS is available at Ballan & Coldstream.
  • Full Day extra Paintball Prices
  • Extra 100 paintballs for $15.
  • Extra 500 paintballs for $70.
  • Extra 1000 Paintballs for $140.