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1. What is paintball?

Paintball is a fun dynamic sport in which players eliminate players from play by hitting them with paint filled, breakable, gelatin paintballs usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air powered "paintball marker".
For more information, visit the paintball entry at Wikipedia.

2. Is it dangerous to play paintball?

On a supervised playing field with the right equipment and trained referees, paintball is safer then fishing.

3. Does paintball hurt?

Not as much as people think!

A chest protector is included for the ladies. Gentlemen are given them apon request.
Anyone with a heart condition, back injury or similar is advised to wear one.

Groin protection and gloves are not included, but are available for purchase on the day.
While neither are required, they are recommended.

4. Do we all have to buy the same paintball package?

No, you do not have to have the same package as everyone else in your group. While we recommend about 500 rounds per half day, how much you want to shoot is entirely up to you. Some people can use as little as 300 rounds for a whole day, while others can use 2000 (or more!) for half a day.

5. What is the age limit? 16. Can someone under 16 play paintball?
(what if i have written parental consent?).

You can be 16years of age and older to play paintball, There is no provision under Victorian law to allow anyone under 16 to play paintball (even with written consent). But under 16s can play with a Smaller paintball from a spring loaded marker..splatmaster

So from 10years and older .50cal is for you.

6. Is it legal to play paintball in Victoria?
Do I have to have a shooters licence?

Yes, as of 2006, it is legal to play paintball in Victoria without a shooters license.
So no, you DO NOT need a shooters licence to play paintball in Victoria.
For more information, visit the Victoria Police website.

7. What shoes/clothes should I wear? What should I bring?
  • Wear lose, comfortable clothing.
    Our overalls cover from the wrists to the ankles and yes, the paint does wash out.
  • Do not wear extra clothes as padding - even in winter, you will heat up fast.
    When you heat up, you will fog up and not see as well.
  • Try not to wear runners - boots with decent ankle support are best.
    You will be in the bush - not concrete or grass.
  • Do not wear thongs or other open toed shoes.
  • Feel free to bring water or other non-alcoholic drinks.

8. Can I wear glasses? Should I wear contact lenses?

Yes, you can wear glasses. Contact lenses are a good option, if possible.

9. Can I bring my own equipment/paintball marker?

Yes, you can bring your own equipment.
Yes, you can bring your own paintball marker as long as it is legal and you allow it to be velocity tested with a chronograph before play.

10. How do I buy my own paintball marker?

You will need to get a P-Class (Paintball Marker) licence.
To get this, visit the Victoria Police website.
It will take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months to receive.
Once you have it, you can buy a paintball marker from any licenced dealer, such as Paintball Games!

You DO NOT need any other licence!

11. What kind of paintball marker should I buy?

It depends on the type of paintball game you like to play.
For bushball, a Tippman 98 Custom is a good, reliable choice.
It is hard to pass up a 98 Platinum or A-5, especially if you want to customise for looks or peformance.

For speedball/airball, any mid-level electronic paintball marker will do.
A cheap choice is the Spyder Electra. Though technically a electronically assisted mechanical, it still has a decent rate of fire and runs on air or CO2 - a big plus if you don't buy a tank. Other popular choices are a Dye Matrix or Smartparts Ion. Then again, there is always what some consider the beez-neez, the Planet Eclipse Ego.

Unless bought as a kit, you will most likely need to buy additional equipment.
For more information, try the Painballgames forum or the forum at Bill's Paintball.

12. What about the tickets that I bought in the shopping centre?

We will take the price that you paid off the package that you choose on the day so that you don't lose your dough. We honour World Series, Delta Force or IPG tickets.

13. What are your prices?
Do you have any deals or special bucks, hens or the organiser?

Prices and packages can be found in the menu above. This includes a page dedicated to organiser bonuses, specials for the buck/hen and other deals.

Specials, Half-day prices, Full-day prices

14. Where are you location? Can I get directions? How about a map? Melways reference?

Maps and directions - including a Melways reference and printable version of each map - can be found in the menu at the top of the page.


15. Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit of $20 per person at least 7 days prior to the booked date.
This can be done via credit card or direct deposit.
Each person can choose their own individual package on the day, minus any deposit paid.

The deposit is used to pay for the referee and equipment on the day.
Failure to turn up on the day booked forfeits any deposit paid.

16. Is there a minimum or maximum group size?
Can our group play on their own?

While most groups average between 15 to 30 people, we have no minimum or maximum size.

If you are planning on a small group - less than 10 - contact the office directly to make sure it will be open on the day. We don't usually open up a location unless we have 10 or more people booked in at that location. This isn't an issue for weekends when we always busy, but for mid-week games or certain holidays/events, it is a good idea.

Any group with less than 20 people is usually mixed with other groups.
If you want to play by yourselves - with your own referees - you will need at least 20 people or an additional fee may be required to pay for your own referee.

Unless you have a large group - 50+ - you will always play together on the same field.

17. When are you open? Do you do night games?

Our office hours are betwen 9am and 5pm.
Field hours vary, but usually start at about 8am and finish around 6pm.
Aside from a few holidays or other special days, we are open all year round.

We do not run night games.
If you want to run a late afternoon/early evening game, talk to the office directly.

18. We would like a barbeque to cook lunch? Or can you provide lunch?

All full-day groups get a FREE all you can eat barbeque lunch included as part of their package. This includes hamburgers, sausages and salad.

A barbeque is available to cook your own lunch - please tell us when you book.
For an additional fee, we can provide lunch for you.

19. What is included?
Do I have to pay extra for gas or a marker?

All prices include everything you need to play:

  • Paintball goggles.
  • Overalls - cover from wrists to ankles.
  • Tippmann 98 Custom semi-auto paintball marker.
  • Pod harness & pods.
  • Unlimited CO2 gas.
  • Field fee.
  • Referee.

A chest protector is included for the ladies. Gentlemen are given them apon request.
Anyone with a heart condition, back injury or similar is advised to wear one.

Groin protection and gloves are not included, but are available for purchase on the day.
While neither are required, they are recommended.

We do offer marker upgrades, subject to availability.
These are paid for separately on the day.

All full-day packages include a FREE all you can eat barbeque lunch.

20. Is EFTPOS available?

EFTPOS is available

  • Cockatoo is a CASH ONLY field.
  • EFTPOS is available at Ballan & Coldstream.





21. What if it rains, hails or snows? Can we cancel?

We play rain, hail or snow!

Aside from natural disasters, we will be open if we have groups booked in for the day.

If you find that your group no longer wishes to play on a certain day due to the weather, please call the office at least 3 days before the booked in date to change your booking.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must do so at least 5 days prior to the booked in date.

22. Can we choose the field and game we play?

Yes, you can choose the game you play - so long as it is safe.
No, you cannot always choose the field you wish to play on - it may already be in use.