3-5 Maxwells Rd Coldstream

Phone 9777 0613

Established in 1988, Coldstream is fantastic for the first time player, Melbourne Victoria. With the new Club rooms now completed, Coldstream is a world leader in facilities with showers, change rooms and reception hall. With views of the bush, two balconies overlook the playing fields, making the perfect place to enjoy a barbeque lunch.

Our Paintball Shop has all your equipment needs, paintball guns, goggles or paintball jerseys, pants,whether you're a first time player or a seasoned Pro.

We Have packages for all size groups.

Set in the Yarra Valley on 55 acres of forest with 12 playing fields.

  • 30 minutes from  Eastlink
  • 12 minutes from Lilydale
  • 5 minutes from Healesville.

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Coldstream contains 12 fields including Speedball, Village, Twin forts, Trenches, bush and bunkers.

Twin Forts

This vast 8 acre field contains the largest multi-level forts in Victoria. Situated only 70 meters apart, this allows you to fire right into the other fort!
With multiple barricades, including tall 3-way Barricades, you can defend your flag at your base or steal your opponents flag from theirs.

Attack and defend or play Bull Dog - get the centre flag to the enemy fort to win the game. With trails, large trees and bunkers along the boundaries, sneak up on your mates looking the wrong way! This allows for some interesting play, with opposing players shooting from the same barricade or sneaking up behind through the bush.


Set on over 5 acres of bushland, a track runs down the centre with over 16 huts on the sides. Accompanying trails and lots of barricades, there's no shortage of places to attack from. One of the games played at Village is Search & Destroy. The object is to hide the flag in one of the huts, then fire at your opponents as they work from hut to hut to capture the flag.


Trenches is unique to Coldstream. Set on 3 acres with over 200 meters of trenches to play in. Large trees and bush make up the outside of this field. Hamburger Hill and plenty of trenches make play great fun. Watch for you opponent to stick their head up, then take them down! Saving Private Ryan is played here.