Cockatoo: 200A Evans Rd Cockatoo

Pay a deposit and get a bonus 100 Paintballs per deposit

The Cockatoo Field is Fantastic for the new or first time player. It is one of largest fields in Australia. Located in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, only 50 minutes from the center of Melbourne. Accessible by either Burwood Highway or Wellington Road, just past Emerald.

  • 20 minutes from Ferntree Gully.
  • 15 minutes from Pakenham

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Containing 7 large playing fields including Speedball, Forts, Bridges, bush and ambush.

Rats Nest

Rat Nest is a Fantastic field to play in, It has One large fort is situated in the centre of a ten acre bush field. One team defends the fort while the enemy team makes its way up the hill, through the bush to take it.
Due to the size and shape of this field, there are lots of opportunities for sneaking about with large trees and sniping occupants from the fort.



A fast & furious field! Small barricades and barrells surround a central barricade.                 Capture the central flag and rush it to the other side of the field - right where                          the enemy is coming from! Speedball is a much loved field.


The Bridge Field

With three large bridges cutting across two gullies, this field is over 5 acres is size gives you plenty of opportunity to out flank your opponents. The Large furn tree filled gullies themselves allow for great firefights and stealth based action - wait for the enemy to get close, then pop up and give them hell!